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about Khazana Queen

Khazana Queen is a Desi restaurant located in Toronto, ON, specializing in authentic Old Dhaka cuisine. The restaurant offers a variety of traditional dishes such as Beef Tehari, Dum Biryani (Mutton Kacchi), Shahi Morog Polao, and Haji Biryani (Mutton). They are committed to providing exceptional dining experiences, with each meal meticulously crafted to delight their customers.

The Challenge

As a new brand, Khazana Queen faced several challenges in establishing their presence and engaging with customers. They needed a cohesive brand identity to help customers recognize and associate with them. Their online presence and engagement were minimal, limiting their reach to potential customers.

Additionally, they required an efficient website structure to ensure users could easily navigate and find information. The restaurant also needed to improve visibility on Google to attract local diners. Lastly, they lacked a systematic approach to tracking customer interactions and website traffic, making it challenging to understand customer behavior and optimize their marketing efforts.

What did
We do

To address these issues, we provided a comprehensive suite of digital solutions.

We started with branding, designing a distinctive logo that reflects Khazana Queen’s cultural heritage and culinary excellence. This helped create a strong brand identity.

Next, we built a user-friendly WordPress website that showcases their menu and facilitates easy table reservations, improving the overall user experience.

We also set up and optimized their Google My Business profile to enhance local search visibility, driving more foot traffic to their restaurant. To increase customer engagement, we launched their social media profiles

Additionally, we designed an appealing menu that highlights their chef-recommended dishes and weekend specials, making it easier for customers to choose from their offerings.

Finally, we implemented Google Analytics to track and analyze website traffic, which provided valuable insights and helped them make data-driven decisions.

Khazana Queen Preview One
Khazana Queen Preview Two

The Results

Our Digital Solutions for Khazana Queen

Website Development
Social Media
Google Profile
Menu Design
Google Analytics

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