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Mohd. Shafiqul Islam

UI/UX Designer

Mohd Shafiqul Islam is a talented UX Designer known for his creative approach to digital product design. With a focus on turning ideas into delightful user experiences, he blends aesthetics and problem-solving. Mohd Shafiqul Islam has over 5+ years of experience in the industry.

At present, he lends his expertise to Walton Hi-Tech Industries PLC in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There, he leads the design of HMI applications and crafts visually compelling Web and Mobile interfaces. Shafiqul aims to deliver intuitive, user-centric designs with pixel-perfect interfaces. He understands end-user needs and leverages that to create functional yet beautiful experiences.

Previously, Shafiqul played a key role as a UX Designer at Sparkbit. There, he honed his skills and contributed to user experience design. Specifically, he led UX research, created user flows, wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs for various digital products.

Beyond work, Shafiqul finds inspiration in photography. He captures moments and transforms them into visual stories reflecting his perspective. Traveling and exploring cultures fuels his innovative thinking, allowing fresh approaches to design challenges.

With his technical and creative skills, Shafiqul has an impressive portfolio across sectors like electronics, healthcare, sports, e-commerce, and fintech. His designs demonstrate deep understanding of user needs and clean, functional, visually appealing interfaces. Shafiqul grasps how to craft profoundly usable and memorable experiences.

As a passionate UX professional, Mohd Shafiqul Islam stays updated on the latest UI/UX trends and technologies. He incorporates innovative techniques into his work while leading the way for designers in Bangladesh. We value having such a talented designer, helping elevate our digital products.

In summary, Mohd Shafiqul Islam’s eye for aesthetics and analytical approach to user psychology allows him to deliver intuitive, elegant, and impactful interfaces. If you need a skilled UI designer for your next project, contact us at our Toronto based agency today!

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