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Sanjana Sharmin

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Sanjana Sharmin, our brilliant Co-Founder and Managing Director, is a tech enthusiast who loves bringing innovative ideas to life. With her background in Computer Programming and experience as a Computer Technician at Techno Space Inc. in Toronto, Sanjana brings invaluable knowledge and skills to our team.

As our MD, Sanjana Sharmin plays a crucial leadership role guiding our team towards success. She keeps us on the cutting edge of technology, ensuring we use the best tools and strategies to deliver top-notch services for our clients. Sanjana is always staying ahead of trends and innovations in the tech space, researching the latest advancements and figuring out how we can implement them. Her passion for technology and ability to understand complex systems makes Sanjana an invaluable asset.

But beyond her tech expertise, Sanjana Sharmin is also a great source of inspiration and positivity for our team. She knows how to motivate people and create an upbeat, collaborative work atmosphere. Sanjana’s creative problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking enable her to overcome obstacles and find innovative solutions. When challenges arise, she handles them with grace and determination.

As our Managing Director, Sanjana helps instill a culture of excellence, encouraging the team to keep raising the bar. She leads by example, demonstrating hard work, integrity, and commitment to quality. Thanks to her leadership, we stay focused on our goal of delivering the absolute best for our clients.

With Sanjana Sharmin at the helm as our Co-Founder and MD, we know our company is in great hands. Her tech savvy, inspirational leadership, and vision help steer us towards continued success. We feel so fortunate to have someone as talented and driven as Sanjana guiding our team into the future.

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