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Sardar Mohiuddin

Web Project Lead

Sardar Mohiuddin has been passionate about programming since first learning PHP as a teenager. He started building web applications at a young age in Toronto, gaining valuable real-world experience early in his career.

Over the past 10+ years, Sardar Mohiuddin has worked at small web development shops, e-commerce companies, and large SaaS providers based in Toronto. He has architected, built, and maintained dozens of PHP and Laravel-based web applications during this time.

Sardar Mohiuddin is particularly skilled at leveraging Laravel and modern PHP to create high-quality, scalable back-end systems. He has migrated legacy codebases to Laravel, improving maintainability and performance in the process.

Now at our Toronto-based company The Ant Firm, Sardar brings his decade of PHP and web development expertise to build robust applications and help the company grow. He thrives on collaborating with others to solve complex problems and constantly advocates for best practices.

As a Senior Developer, Sardar is instrumental in leading some of our most complex technical projects. He can quickly understand complex business requirements and translate them into elegant technical solutions. Sardar’s expertise in PHP and Laravel enables him to develop high-performing systems that scale gracefully.

We feel so fortunate to have Sardar Mohiuddin on our Toronto-based development team. His decade of experience building PHP and Laravel web applications allows him to develop, troubleshoot and optimize at an expert level. Sardar’s passion for staying on top of the latest technologies and tools is contagious.

If you have a web project you’d like to discuss with our Toronto development team, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We would love to explore how we can create something extraordinary together.

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