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Sourav Das

Co-Founder & COO

Meet Sourav Das, the tech admirer conquering the digital realm since 2015. With experience running his Toronto agency and various roles, he’s returned as our co-founder and COO. Sourav leads project management, client relations, marketing, and business strategy.

With expertise across these areas, Sourav Das tackles any challenge that comes his way. He seamlessly juggles multiple responsibilities with finesse and humor. Whether ensuring smooth project execution, building client relationships, devising marketing strategies, or driving our Toronto growth, Sourav excels at everything he does.

Known for turning complex ideas into simple solutions, Sourav is a problem-solving ninja. His enthusiasm and dedication inspire our Toronto team to reach new heights. When not leading the agency, Sourav explores tech trends and loves quirky memes.

As COO, Sourav Das fosters a culture of excellence and constant improvement. He motivates us to keep raising the bar and bring our A-game daily. Thanks to his leadership, our Toronto agency focuses on delivering our best work.

With his experience, Sourav provides invaluable guidance and mentoring to the team. He celebrates wins, big and small, and keeps morale high. Sourav’s commitment to growth for our agency and people is truly admirable.

Moreover, Sourav is always willing to roll up his sleeves and jump into any role when needed. He leads by example, demonstrating a tireless work ethic. When challenges arise, Sourav remains calm under pressure. Ultimately, we credit much of our agency’s phenomenal growth to Sourav’s diverse skills and inspirational leadership. He makes coming to work each day enjoyable for the team. We feel so grateful to have him as our COO.

If you have a project to discuss with our digital experts, contact us today! We’d love to help your business thrive.

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